Certification Body
Industrial standards that meet reciprocal certification according to industrial structure

Global standards are based mainly on EC standard and ISO standards; the certification systems of various countries are adopted from test reports. Product development is pursued in accordance with the standards of various countries.

International Electrotechnical Commission

International Electrotechnical Commission

IEC International Electrotechnical Commission

These are non‐governmental organization established “to solve all issues regarding standardization in the electrical and electronic technology fields and promote international cooperation in pertinent matters to reach a mutual understanding.” The standard include all electrical and electronic technologies such as electronic, magnetic and electromagnetic, electrical acoustic, telecommunications, energy generation, distribution. They also include symbols, measurement methods, performance reliability, design and development, safety, and some environment standards. The following countries belong to the IEC, and accept test reports of various countries by CB schemes, etc., and contribute to the simplification of authentication.


Nichigoh cables are applicable as PVC electrical wiring for up to 450/750V.


Total of 85 countries as of 2015

International Organization for Standardization

International Organization for Standardization

ISO 23570 Industrial automation systems and integration

ISO 23570 part composition

DESINA Industrial automation systems and integration

Global standards that primarily pertain to centralization of the DESINA implementation technology and standardization standards, the automobile manufacturing equipment industry. ISO 23570 DESINA is a concept that enables standardization and centralization of implementation technologies in fields such as machine tools, fluid technologies for equipment and electrical systems. The applicable scope has become defined as system parts through tie-ups with suppliers of a wide range of parts for the machine tools industry and automobile manufacturing industry. These use parts such as standard industrial connectors and open bus system. By standardizing parts, a single set of standards can support hybrid optical cable and cable types for everything from interface level to systems.

CB Certification Body

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