• Factory equipment Factory equipment

    Our cables are used for a wide range of applications in automobile manufacturing and semiconductor manufacturing factories such as connector cables for interfaces and field network connector components.

  • Production lines Production lines

    Our connector cables and wiring cables are used in assembly lines for automobile manufacturing, etc.

  • Internal wiring of machine tools Internal wiring of machine tools

    Resistant cables are used in operating environments such as machining centers and environments with composite processing machinery.

  • New energy New energy

    Our cables are used for applications such as solar cables for solar panels and cables that in compliance with power-control unit of electric vehicles (EV).

  • その他 Others

    Product development includes industrial cables with custom specifications in compliance with the standards of individual countries.

  • Cable applications manufacturing plant equipment Cable applications manufacturing plant equipment

    Automobile assembly plants

    Automobile assembly plants

    Our cables are made for all sorts of factory applications ranging from IT technology to assembly lines.

    Nichigoh cable products are specially made to handle applications ranging from robot arms, factory wiring and control panel wiring to peripheral network equipment.

    • Factory wiring Factory wiring

      Our cables are designed for wire protection and better appearance and are suitable for all sorts of applications such as high-quality current connection to enhance efficiency of production lines in factories.

    • Robot arm Robot arm

      Our high-performance cables can withstand service conditions involving frequent movement, bending, twisting, vibration and motion. The cables are also resistant to oil, heat and noise.

    • Control panels Control wiring Control panels
      Control wiring

      In addition to being resistant to fire, heat and low temperatures, Nichigoh cables offer superior electrical properties and flexibility. They can withstand temperatures up to 90C° (inside panels) and can handle a wide range of allowable current values.

    • Elevators Elevators

      Nichigoh cables can be custom designed for computerized EV such as LAN cables, signal wires, complex wires, etc. Nichigoh cables offer superior flexibility.

    • Indoor wiring Indoor wiring

      Our vinyl-insulated vinyl sheathed cables include types ranging from low voltage interior wiring to cables for supplying electricity for high voltage interior applications such as lighting and electrical outlets.

    • PC and network Peripherals PC and network

      Nichigoh cables realize high-speed networks connection designed to match standards of each country as well as more efficient IT infrastructure and better communication networks.

    • Other types of wiring Other types of wiring

      Nichigoh offers an assortment of wiring for factory and industrial applications.

    Semiconductor manufacturing plants

    Semiconductor manufacturing plants

    We make cables for semiconductors cableveyor cables, they can be used in clean rooms due to low outgas.

    • Cable tray
      Cable tray
    • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
      Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
    • Control panels of Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
      Control panels of Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Cable applications manufacturing plant equipment Cable applications manufacturing plant equipment

    Automobile production lines

    Automobile production lines

    Nichigoh cables incorporate high-quality connection technology for production line applications.

    Our cables are suitable for all sorts of module devices including control panel interfaces and components.

    • Communication equipment Communication equipment

      Suitable for industrial Ethernet Nichigoh cables are suitable for communication equipment such as switches, routers and media converters.

    • The interface The interface

      Our cables are suitable as connector cables for sensor/actuator interfaces, etc.

    • Field path component Field path component

      Suitable for used as sensor connector cable. Handles all sorts of applications including E-boxes and equipment for automobile production lines.

  • Cable applications in machine tools Cable applications in machine tools

    Machine tool modules

    Machine tool modules

    Suitable for modules designed for technology innovations in the manufacturing industry.

    We handle cable wiring that matches general purpose machinery for cutting, grinding, etc., and manufacturing modules, such as NC machine tools.

    • General purpose machine General purpose machine

      We manufacture specialty cables that meet friction resistance, oil resistance, and heat resistance needs for interface units, signal converters, and the cutting, grinding, and shearing of metals and non-metals.

    • NC machine NC machine

      We manufacture cables for a variety of uses for machinery that operates automatically through numerical control via computers, etc.

  • Cable applications for new energy industry Cable applications for new energy industry

    New energy industry

    New energy industry

    Cables used for energy conservation such as EVs and solar power generation

    Our cables can be used as new age energy conservation electrical wiring for applications ranging from solar panels to power conditioner converters and EVs.

    • Solar power generation Solar power generation

      Wiring cables for supplying power indoors, solar-powered power conditioners and electric power conversion and electrical power distribution.

    • Electric vehicles Electric vehicles

      Cables used for electric vehicles, converting electricity of power storage battery electric to power control unit.